Child-Centered Homeschooling
It's always fun to incorporate cotton balls into art work.  It's no secret that when you enhance learning through art, children have more fun and learn more.  We recently learned about the different types of clouds.  To further cement this learning, we used cotton balls and created samples of the different types of clouds.  This is an ideal art tool for clouds because you can pull and stretch or put them together to look like actual clouds.  Then, the students can decorate the rest of the paper to make a creative scence of their choosing.

Other examples of where you can use cotton balls in art work are:  to create waves, snow, smoke stacks from trains and buildings, bunnies, snowmen, igloos, and a variety of other things.  They can also be painted or spray painted to make bricks, rocks, bushes, trees, etc.  

Enhance your lessons through art and watch how engaged your students will become!

Happy schooling! 

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