Child-Centered Homeschooling
I love websites that help with learning and teaching techniques, worksheets, printables, free lessons, etc.  Some of my favorite websites are:  This website helps emergent readers through phonics lessons.  Best of all, it's free!  This website helps to reinforce multiplication tables through a video game set-up.  This site offers a free unit study each week!  All you have to do it sign up for it on their website.  On the site, you can also access loads of free worksheets on a variety of subjects.  There are some features that you can pay for too, but there is a ton of free stuff!  I love, love, love this site!!  There is a small yearly membership fee.  Then, you can print so many worksheets, booklets, crafts, etc.  The membership paid for itself for my family almost the first day!!  Many subject areas are covered.

Smithsonian kids is awesome as is the NASA kids site.  National Geographic kids has many good links and information as well.  Colonial Williamsburg is great for social studies and history.  I could go on and on, but I'll stop at those few sites for today.

Happy Schooling 
3/26/2011 03:49:24 am

Great Sites! Thanks!

7/12/2012 06:51:23 pm

Nice one info, thx


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