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Today was field trip day!  We went to The Casements in Ormond Beach.  What a beautiful home!!  I can only imagine how magnificent it would have been when Rockefeller actually lived there.  The home is set near both the Halifax River and the Atlantic Ocean.  Your nose is greeted with the wonderful aroma of roses immediately upon exiting your vehicle.  I could sit on the porch of this home for hours looking at the water and smelling the sweet smells from the flower garden.  What a blessing that the city of Ormond Beach purchased the property and restored it (as best they could) to it's original state.  It would have been tragic if the property had been torn down as was slated.

We learned so much today about life in the early 1900's.  We were even able to see a photograph of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford that was taken during one of their trips to Rockefeller's home.  We learned just how important giving back is.  Rockefeller believed that you should work hard, make as much money as you could and donate as much money as you could back into society. 

Anyone who lives or visits the area should spend an hour or two touring the home.  The tours are free with a donation box near the gift shop if you are so inclined.

4/18/2011 05:17:44 am

We wished we could have made it, it sounds lovely!


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