Child-Centered Homeschooling
If you have kids who love to create art projects, try this fun and super easy craft.
Gather cotton balls, crayons or markers, scissors, paper and glue or a stapler.

1.  Cut out 2 identical bunny shapes from the paper.
2.  Decorate the bunny shapes ~ 1 will be the front and one will be the back.
3.  Staple or glue the decorated shapes together leaving the last 1/4 open.
4.  Stuff the bunny with cotton balls.
5.  Once stuffed to your liking, finish stapling or gluing the bunny shapes together.
6.  Glue one final cotton ball on the back of the bunny for the tail.

4/9/2011 04:53:51 am

Sounds really cute!

4/10/2011 10:44:30 am

Now that my children are older, I miss these cute bunny crafts at this time of year. Thanks for the sweet reminder!


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