Child-Centered Homeschooling
Here is the rundown of what we did this week while studying Samantha.

Spelling ~ Spectrum 3rd grade
Math ~ Horizons 2nd grade
Literature ~ Samantha, A Christmas Story
Geography ~ Continued reviewing the 50 states, map quiz
Social Studies/ History ~ Life in the early 1900's,  Then and now graphic organizer, Women's Rights, Wealthy vs Poor family life, Factories and Progress
Science ~ Inventors (Edison and Wright Brothers)
Arts ~ Music and Art of early 1900's

Puting it together ~ Field trip to The Lightner Museum in St. Augustine, FL.  We were able to view what life was like in the early 1900's.  Furniture, accent pieces, architecture, music and art are a few of the aspects we learned about.  We were lucky enough to hear various instruments of the early 1900's and see their inner workings.  We were also able to view fashions and artwork of the day

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