Child-Centered Homeschooling
I recently ordered this magazine.  While so far only some of the articles are of interest to me, I love the advertisements in the magazine.  I have been introduced to new products that I didn't know were out there for homeschooling families.  I must also admit that I love the free trials that come along with membership!  :)  Even if the product is not something that we can use right now, I can file it away for future use!

One of my new favorite products is Beautiful Feet.  Telling history through a story is right up my alley.  I never liked the dates, wars, remember this and that, blah blah blah approach to history.  That's probably why I would go into shut-down mode whenever I entered my history class in high school.  Now, I love history!  I attribute it to the new approach.  Learning through literature instead of fact after fact is so much more appealing and more interesting too!

I'll update Samantha week #4

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