Child-Centered Homeschooling

Homeschool the way your child learns

    Let me help you create fun, engaging lessons for your child.
    I can create single or multi-week lessons.
    Lessons can be single or multi-subject.
    All lessons will be tailored to the interests and age/grade level of your child.
    I can create lessons for auditory, visual, or hands-on learners.

My name is Amanda and I am the mom of two very lively little girls!  I have experience in writing curriculums for my own child as well as preparing original curriculums that I have taught in the public school system.  I am well-versed in homeschool laws and state benchmarks in the state of Florida.  My educational background is K-6 Education.  Whether you are a veteran homeschooler or new to homeschooling, let me create a few lessons for you so that you can take some much needed and deserved time for yourself!  When inquiring, kindly provide the child's age/grade level, topic of interest, number of weeks you would like the lesson to cover, and whether you prefer the lesson to be cross-curriculum (multi-subject) or single subject (i.e. science, social studies, literature).